Last Updated:  May 30, 2023

Book-Tax.Com, Inc. Privacy Policy

Book-Tax.Com, Inc. (“Book-Tax,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) provides back-office services, including bookkeeping services, controller services, tax services, CFO services, and stock administration services (our “Services”). This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) provides information about our personal information processing practices in the context of marketing and selling our Services to prospective customers, providing our Services to our customers, and operating our business.

We collect, use, and disclose information for the purpose of marketing, selling, and providing services to businesses and other organizations in the United States, and not individuals. To the extent we process personal information about an individual (“you”), it is for the purpose of marketing and selling to the organization which employs you (or with which you are affiliated), or it is in connection with (a) providing our Services to the organization which has collected your data and (b) operating or improving our Services.  As a provider of services to organizations we do not knowingly process data of individuals who are under sixteen years old.

If you visit one of our offices, please refer to the privacy notice that is provided to you when you check in.

If you are a representative of a third-party tax service provider that we use to fulfill the Book-Tax Tax Services, please see our Book-Tax Privacy Policy for Tax Services Providers for information about the categories of information we collect in the context of our tax services related to tax service provider personnel and their sources.

If you have questions regarding our Privacy Policy or practices, or if you are a California or Virginia resident and wish to exercise any of the rights described below, please contact us at privacy[at]

Our Privacy Policy contains the following sections:


Information for Prospective Customers.  This section describes the types of personal information we collect from and about representatives of the organizations that we desire to sell our Services to, our purposes for processing it, and how long we retain the various types of data.

Information for Customers. This section describes the types of data we process (which we call Customer Data, Business Record Data, and Administrative Data) in connection with providing our Services to our customers and the related operation and improvement of our Services and our business, as well as the purposes for processing, and how long we retain the various types of data.

General Information.  This section describes our processing of personal information related to call recording and categories of third parties to which personal information is or may be disclosed  (refer to this section for definitions when categories of third parties are discussed in earlier sections), as well as information about updates to this Privacy Policy, managing your personal information, your rights, and how to contact us with questions about this Privacy Policy or, as applicable, to exercise your rights.  


This section applies to you if you are a visitor to our website, if you have attended a books-tax-organized or books-tax-sponsored event (whether online or in person), if we have obtained your contact information in the context of our other marketing and sales activities (for example, via a referral, lead purchase, or marketing survey), or if you are in the process of purchasing our Services on behalf of your employer.  

Information We Process

Categories of personal information we collected in the context of our sales and marketing efforts in the last twelve months and sources from which we obtain personal information are set forth in the table below:

How We Use Your Information

We collect and process personal information for the business purposes of marketing and selling our Services.  We process your personal information with the goal of entering into an agreement to provide our Services with your employer or organization with which you are affiliated.  This includes, for example:

  • Sending you marketing communications like emails or newsletters to (1) make you aware of, or provide you with information you have requested about, our Services or the services of our partners, (2) engage with you, and (3) analyze and improve our marketing efforts based on your engagement with our marketing communications, including analyzing whether you opened an email and how you interacted with it.  
  • Communicating with you during the sales process, including, for example, via email, SMS, call or videoconference. During the sales process, you may provide samples of your business’s financial data or access to repositories containing such financial data that we use to determine the appropriate Services to quote you.
  • Creating, managing, and maintaining lead lists.
  • Collecting information about your visits to our websites to (1) collect information about your organization’s needs and your position within your organization, (2) determine how to optimize our sales efforts with respect to your organization, (3) measure and improve the effectiveness of our website, and (4) measure the effectiveness of targeted marketing efforts.  Please see “Operation of our corporate website” below for additional information.
  • Analyzing our interactions with you to optimize our sales processes.
  • Improving our sales and marketing processes, including training our sales personnel and updating strategies and initiatives.
  • Conducting market research and product research and development.
  • Conducting surveys for marketing or product research and development purposes, for example, to assess the needs of the industries that we serve. 
  • Managing event registrations and attendance, including communicating with you about the event.

Operation of Our Corporate Website

Cookies and tracking technologies.  In accordance with applicable law, books-tax, our service providers, and other third party website services providers whose services we use on our corporate website use commonly-used tools to recognize your visit and track your interactions with our corporate website (including subpages) such as cookies, web beacons, pixels, local shared objects, local storage, and other tracking technologies (collectively, “Cookies”).  We use this tracking data to operate our corporate website. For example, we use Cookies to personalize and improve your experience on our corporate website and to record your preferences.  If you identify yourself on our corporate website, for example, by completing a web form, we match (using a service provider) your identifying information with a Cookie associated with you (but which does not identify you by name, email, or phone number) to analyze the effectiveness of our marketing efforts (such as measuring the results of marketing campaigns), communicate with you and provide you relevant information, and determine sales efforts to apply to your company.  We also combine data about your visit to our corporate websites collected from Cookies with that of other website visitors to improve your and other website visitors’ experience. which includes the collection of anonymous data about visitors, and which enables us to analyze how visitors interact with our corporate website, including engagement with content and how and where visitors click and spend their time navigating through our corporate website.  Please refer to books-tax Privacy for more information. Third party website services providers, like Microsoft, may collect personal information from visitors to our websites for their own purposes.  Microsoft collects information about our website visitors to provide us with certain analytics services and also uses that personal information to provide Microsoft Advertising.  For more information about Microsoft’s privacy practices please refer to the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

We also use Google Analytics to analyze how visitors interact with our corporate website.  When you visit one of our websites that has Google Analytics enabled, the URL of the webpage and your internet protocol address are sent to Google so that Google can provide us its analytics services.  Google also reads Google Analytics Cookies that are placed on your browser when you visit our corporate website.  Please refer to the Google Privacy & Terms for more information.  

Social Media Features. Our corporate website uses social media features, like buttons that enable you to share content on our corporate website on social media platforms (“Social Media Features”). These Social Media Features may collect your internet protocol address and which page you are visiting within our corporate website, and may set a Cookie to enable the feature to function properly. Social Media Features are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on our corporate website. Your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing the relevant Social Media Features.

Links to other sites.  Our corporate website includes links to other websites whose privacy practices may differ from those of books-tax. If you visit or submit personal information to any of those sites, your information is governed by their privacy policies. We encourage you to carefully read the privacy policy of any website you visit.

Re-targeted advertising.  Re-targeted advertising or behavioral advertising uses information about an individual’s web browsing behavior such as the webpages they have visited or the searches they have made. This information is then used to display more relevant ads. The information collected is linked to a cookie ID (alphanumeric number). The information used for targeted advertising either comes from books-tax or through third party website publishers.  

How long we retain information for prospective customers

We retain your business contact information and related sales and marketing activity in our systems for purposes of maintaining a record of our relationships with customers and prospective customers, analyzing and improving our sales and marketing efforts and Services (including developing new Services based on feedback you may share with us in the course of our interactions with you in the sales and marketing context), complying with legal obligations, resolving disputes, enforcing our agreements, completing any outstanding transactions, and detecting and preventing fraud.  We generally retain this information until the earlier of your request that we delete your information and our determination that we no longer need your information for the purpose of marketing and selling our services to your employer.  We may retain your business email address indefinitely to keep a record of email marketing opt-out or deletion requests. 


If you have not identified yourself on our website, the primary marketing tool that we use to monitor website and email marketing activity delete records of your visit or email engagement starting 90 days after your last activity in accordance with its retention policies.

Retention of internet activity information collected by third party website services providers is determined by the applicable third party

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